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06-07-2004, 08:12
I was at an event the other night and I had a 200 ml bottle of real Rebel Yell - from the mid 80's when it was 90 proof and 5 years old. Doug Farnsley, the son of Charlie Farnsley who created Rebel Yell in the 40's, was also there sharing a few drinks from this bottle. He went on to tell the story about his father applying for several trademarks that included "Rebel Yell", "Lost Cause" and "Damned Yankees". The last was turned down because it was "In Poor Taste" so Charlie simply re-applied for the trademark "In Poor Taste". I believe Sally mentions this story in her book it was interesting to hear it from his son.

Mike Veach

06-07-2004, 11:07
Sam Cecil has a go at that one as well. http://www.straightbourbon.com/forums/images/graemlins/toast.gif

Good to hear it from that close to the source.