View Full Version : Bourbon --> Food Analogies

06-16-2004, 05:56
Hey everyone,

This occurred to me the other night when I was sipping EWSB94 (neat). While I am still learning how to really describe what I am tasting when it comes to bourbon, when I think back at the bourbon's I've tasted, I can put them in terms of food, or parts of a meal...if that makes any sense...

For example:

EWSB94 --> This is where this idea first occured to me. EWSB is like a nice, rich desert, specifically tiramisu...the past couple times I've sipped EWSB (which has become a favorite), I've picked out notes of coffee, maybe chocolate, not sure, but in any case, combined with the warmth of the alcohol, reminded me very strongly of well-made tiramisu (with espresso, cocoa, brandy or rum, etc...)

EC12 --> This one is trickier, and not necessarily a favorite of mine, but more like a salad. That little bit of bitter/bite of the salad greens...a little sweet like a salad (depending on the dressing)...finish is strongest on the tip of the tongue

WT (101, RR, RB), Bakers, Bookers, KC --> These all remind me of a nice steak. The RR, Bakers, and Bookers specifically of a nice blackened steak...that little bit of spice, very "chewy" mouthfeel, long strong finish on the sides of the tongue....

Anyway, just some thoughts....