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09-23-1999, 07:24
I've been trying to find this whiskey based on how high Paul Pacult rates it. There seems to be an identity crisis about this whiskey though. I've heard it referred to generically as Maker's Mark Gold. The only "Gold seal" Maker's I've seen is the VIP which is just a vanity bottling of the standard MM. Is there another bottling using gold wax that equates to the MM-LE? Any clues as to which internet retailer carries this?


09-29-1999, 07:30
I know of one UK retailer who sells Makers' Mark Gold Label, and a very fine Bourbon it is too -
probably my all-time favourite, in fact, but over here one doesn't get that many to choose from.
It's recognisably a Makers' Mark, but much oiler and heavier than the Red Label and bottled at
101 proof.

Some of the continental internet whisky retailers list it (e.g.
http://www.whiskykoning.demon.nl/assorti/usacan.htm) - but that information is probably not much
use to you!

09-30-1999, 22:22
I have a few bottles of this bourbon. I have always been a big fan of Maker's
and while traveling out of the country I found this limited edition bottle and
purchased what I could as well as several bottles of the black lable Maker's
for export only.
It is a regular shaped Maker's bottle and has a lable that is the same shape and size as the regular red bottle. However, the lable is gold and the letters
are raised and are shiny gold. It says LIMITED EDITION just above the name.
This Bottling is 101 proof.
I hope this helps. If you need anything further about this let me know.

04-02-2001, 16:29
Dear Bushido - The limited edition bottle does have a gold wax seal but is a regular MM bottle. It's 101 proof and the only place I know it can be found is in a duty free store, although I am not sure it's still available. It is a very limited edition. The reason I know this I am fortunate enough to have one.From one bourbon lover to another. Marvin