View Full Version : Brewery Ommegang - Rare Vos Amber Ale

08-19-2004, 16:54
Bob had gotten me turned onto Brewery Ommegang on his last visit so I went out and bought just about one of everything they made. First to get opened is their Rare Vos, an Amber Ale. The color on this one is just beautiful. It pours with a nice big foamy head (I think I poured a bit TOO much!) and has a great aroma. A very good Belgian style ale I found this one to be right up my alley with a perfect mix of malty sweetness that I find almost common to these kind of brews but thrown into the mix was some spiciness which really made everything come together.

Brewery Ommegang is located in Cooperstown, NY. Their brews are belgian style ales that are bottle conditioned. I also note on the bottles it says "Gauranteed cellared at the brewery" as well as "You can cellar this bottle". If you would like more information about Brewery Ommegang, or to see their other brews, check out their website here. (http://www.ommegang.com/) If you've seen but never purchased one of their brews yet and like Belgian style ales, give one a whirl... I think you'll be glad you did! http://www.straightbourbon.com/forums/images/graemlins/toast.gif