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09-12-2004, 16:08
I'm curious about the Ezra B as I am a fan of all the HH brands that I've tried thus far. I've never tried the Elijah Craig 18, but I hear from reliable sources that it is similar, cheaper and less of the overpowering taste of barrel than the 18yo.

09-12-2004, 16:11
The 15yo Ezra B isn't made anymore, its a 12 year now. I personally liked the 15yo Ezra Brooks alot, especially when it was only $15 at internetwines during a sale! The Elijah Craig 18yo is also a wonderful bourbon, much better IMO than the 12yo because of all that wonderful barrel taste it has.

09-12-2004, 18:11
I hear from reliable sources that it is similar, cheaper and less of the overpowering taste of barrel than the 18yo.

I agree with your source, although I have not had the Ezra B 12, only the 15, which is still available at Binny's, BTW.

09-12-2004, 18:44
That's because you were my source for that one... Or so I recall.

My folks, who'll be in San Fran and LA for most of their trip, are picking up the goods. I'm getting my list and prices of Binny's. Is there a store in either of these places.

09-12-2004, 18:56
D&M is in (http://www.dandm.com/) San Francisco. I know of others in souther cali but not sure if any are in LA itself.

09-12-2004, 19:04
I believe it is only our assumption here that Ezra B is a Heaven Hill bourbon. It is bottled and marketed by David Sherman Corp. in St. Louis.

09-13-2004, 05:21

Here is a post by Julian (http://www.straightbourbon.com/ubbthreads/showthreaded.php?Cat=&Number=147&page=0&view=colla psed&sb=5&o=&vc=1) stating that, at the time at least, HH was the supplier for EB.

09-13-2004, 07:10
Sorry, no, Binny's is strictly a Chicago area operation.

11-10-2004, 11:13
I had a few bottles of the Ezra B. 15 yr. a while back, and then I stopped seeing it in the store. The other day, I saw an Ezra B 12 year for the same price as what I was paying for the 15 yr. I tried it and was pretty disapointed. IMHO, the 12 yr. Ezra B is inferior to the 15 yr. They both say single barrel. As a matter of fact, the bottles are exactly the same, except for one says 12 yr and the other says 15 yr. I suppose it is possible that the ONLY difference is the age of the whiskey. However, to me, the 12 year does not even taste at all like the same stuff. I think that it is a different source altogether. Now of course, it has been widely speculated here that the 15 yr was a heaven hill source. I don't know where David Sherman got the whiskey that he bottled as the 12 yr. Ezra B. It could have also come from Heaven Hill, but there seems to be something very different about the 12 year, and I do not think it is all that good. It is definitely not worth $25. There are a lot better bourbons out there for that price.


11-27-2004, 20:02
I've been on a search for the 15YO for about 3 years. One day, perhaps.

It's not distributed by HH. Anybody's guess as to who made it.

11-27-2004, 20:54
It was made by David Sherman Corp. of St. Louis with bourbon they bought from who-knows-where? (HH is always a good guess in these situation, but not a sure thing.) It has been replaced by a 12yo, though the 15yo is still on store shelves. For example, it's scattered around here and there in Middle Tennessee -- probably about 50-50 between the 15yo and 12yo in stores. Obviously, the 15yo will gradually disappear.

Ezra Brooks brands by David Sherman Corp. (http://www.davidsherman.com/search/return_products.asp?brand_id=22)

11-28-2004, 07:34
I find the Ezra B 12 to be the most undrinkable whiskey in my collection. I can't describe the objectionable flavors, but to me it just tastes bad.

04-09-2005, 23:24
Tonight I finished off the last of my last bottle of Ezra B 15yo. I also have a new bottle of Ezra B 12yo so I did the side-by-side taste test. I have to agree with the assessment of the others on this board. The Ezra B 15yo was rich and delicious...a wonderfully balanced bourbon full of flavors. The 12yo seems like a completely different whiskey...it rather astringent, and just plain doesn't taste very good. And it's visibly lighter than the 15yo. What a disappointement! And now I have no more 15yo and a bottle of this 12yo that I have to get through.