View Full Version : Jim Murray's Whiskey Guide for...$1.00

11-13-2004, 21:26
I stopped in for my first visit to a "Dollar Store" and was browsing around in line at the check-out and spied Jim Murray's Whiskey guide book (1997) and bought it for $1.00....of course. It looks like a nice reference work on world whiskey...of course, as he states, the opinions are his and we should form our own. However, I appreciate an informed opinion...be it the Wine Spectator, Bon Appetite or Straight Bourbon etc. So, if you are looking for a pocket size...looks like the bar mixing guide books...it may come in handy when shopping for whisk(e)y.

11-14-2004, 09:31
If the book you're talking about is The Complete Guide to Whiskey, I second the recommendation. That book got me interested in whiskey initially:

My wife works for a publisher (Triumph Books) which put out an edition of that book. One night I was at her office while she was working late, and to kill time I browsed through the books on a shelf. I pulled out a copy of Murray's book, and started reading. Well, the book went home with us, and soon thereafter I started acquiring whiskeys...and I haven't stopped.

I've seen this book available very cheap on eBay and half.com. A few entries are a little dated now, but it's still a great guide and introduction to the world of whiskey.

11-18-2004, 21:57
Yes...I should have been more exact but the book was in the bedroom and the wife was asleep...also, I bought it at Deals...one of many "dollar" stores.

Hey, they make a nice holiday gift for someone interested (office, family etc.). A nice stocking stuffer suggestion.