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02-03-2005, 07:08
Hey Guys! I told you that I was new here, but I wanted to show off my seslection so far!

02-03-2005, 07:16
Very nice looking selection!

02-03-2005, 12:51
Great selection Todd http://www.straightbourbon.com/forums/images/graemlins/laugh.gif There's some very nice bourbons there!
...It's also great to see Wild Turkey Liquor in someones stash as well (a personal favourite http://www.straightbourbon.com/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif)

02-03-2005, 13:54
In NC the selection is fairly limited. There are some good bourbons available - but the selection doesn't change from store to store - or much over time. You can probably add Blantons and the Beam small batch bourbons, but not much more. I was in the Raleigh/Durham area for a number of years and every once in a great while something new would appear...

02-03-2005, 15:14
Yeah, I am looking to add Blantons to the collection, and I also want to add a G.T.Stagg, but I am going to have to wait till I pay off the tax man before I can invest in that!

02-03-2005, 18:49
Not to hijack, but I've never shared mine either, and I figured I would post a picture... it's not much compared to what most folks here have, but I'm making progress...

02-03-2005, 20:10
What's that to the left of your Baker's? Couldn't make it out.

Cool bar! http://www.straightbourbon.com/forums/images/graemlins/toast.gif

02-03-2005, 20:16
It's not the best quality picture... but the bottle between Baker's and Beam Black label is Old Ezra 101.

Funny, Dane had the exact same question when he saw this pic via email the other day.

02-03-2005, 21:32
Anyone with a bar that fine need not apologize regarding the selection of bourbon displayed there. Come to think of it, your selection is pretty darned good, too. I see some I don't have and others I've never even tasted.

If you are interested, there were two threads a while back called "Show Us Your Stash" or a variation. All told there were 236 posts. That's a lot of pictures (and comments regarding same). You can find them easily using the Search function if you enclose the subject in quotes.

Yours truly,
Dave Morefield

02-04-2005, 04:55
Hey Briggs, thats a helluva bar buddy! I wouldn't even dare start apologizing for that baby! I see some stuff their as well I've not tried or heard of! Beautiful Bar!

02-04-2005, 05:24
By the looks of it, though, you might want to slip a third shelf support under the middle of those shelves!

02-04-2005, 06:27
Happy Birthday Mike!

02-04-2005, 06:29
By the looks of it, though, you might want to slip a third shelf support under the middle of those shelves!

That goes onto my to-do list every time I look at it, but for some reason it just never seems to get done. One day I'll come home and find all my bourbon on the floor! http://www.straightbourbon.com/forums/images/graemlins/banghead.gif

I bought cheap shelving, and I'm regretting it now. My wife built the actual bar, and I put up the shelving. Guess which is sturdier? Hint: It's not the shelves. It's a little embarrassing, but she's quite a bit handier than I am.

On a completely separate note, she mentioned out of the blue the other day how fun she thought it would be to visit Kentucky and tour all the distilleries, even though she only likes a few bourbons (usually paired with a cigar, never by themselves). I'm thinking of trying to plan something around the time of the Bourbon Festival. It's usually in the fall, right?

02-04-2005, 08:46
The festival is in the fall. I did the same thing myself last year (visited the distilleries around the fest). It was one of the most fun things I ever did. I look forward to going back this year and meeting some of the folks at this famed gazebo.

02-04-2005, 17:10
The Festival is Sept. 14-18. Go here:
Kentucky Bourbon Festival (http://www.kybourbonfestival.com/)