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03-23-2005, 18:00
An old friend of mine took me out today to get re-aquainted and discuss investment opportunities. After lunch, he took me to his dad's favorite bar......cigars and whiskeys from around the world. What a bourbon selection! I looked at one shelf and ordered my friend and I a Blanton's. After sipping on the Blanton's, I looked up at the top shelf and eyed Stagg, a Tribute bottle signed by Jimmy Russel, ER 17yo, Rock Hill Farms, EC 18yo, EWSB, RR, Rare Breed, KY Spirit....you name it, it was there. We finished with the Rock Hill Farms....one of my favs. If you're in Houston, go to 10 Downing Street on Kirby. Stagg and Tribute! I wish (no I don't) I lived closer.


03-23-2005, 20:36
That sounds awesome. And you didn't previously know about this place? What a great find. The proverbial "died and gone to heaven."

Now if they'd had a bottle of Van Blankle, that really would have been something.

03-24-2005, 07:28
Several things I forgot to mention.......they had the Van Winkles too....Pappy 15, 13yo rye, SR 12yo Lot 'B' and the 10yo/107. And their presentation was unique in my experience. They poured a two ounce pour into a small glass 'carafe'. They set up an empty tumbler, a tumbler full of ice and another small 'carafe' with bottled water. You then make your drink exactly to your liking. Four pieces of glassware per pour.

The center of this place has a walkin humidor that rivals many cigar shops and the necessary ventilation overhead to minimize the haze from smoking.

The assistant manager/bartender goes to WhiskeyFest every year in NY to try to stay on top of what's new. Yesterday morning the Republic Distributor salesman was pushing that new flavored whiskey (mentioned elsewhere on this forum) on him. He felt the cherry whiskey would make a decent Manhattan.

Chuck, I had heard of this place but never been there as its a good 45min drive from my house (if the traffic is moving).


03-24-2005, 22:51
I love that way of serving it too. A++.