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05-17-2005, 11:01
I will be in San Francisco next week and would like to know the names of a few liquor stores that may specialize in bourbon. I am particularly interested in 10 year old or older bourbon. Likewise, are there any suggestions for establishments where great bourbon is served.

05-17-2005, 13:36
The large liquor store in the Cannery (down by the water, not far from where the streetcar turns around) is the best bet.


05-17-2005, 18:18
A small store called Civic Center Liquors goes to KY and hand picks many SB bourbons. Nice Guys too.


05-17-2005, 22:31
The place Gary is referring to is the Cannery Wine Cellars, down at the Cannery Building on Leavenworth at Fisherman's Wharf. They indeed have a large selection of bourbon, although they can be pricey. Still, they probably have the biggest selection in town that I know of, so if you want something hard-to-find, that's your best bet. Beverages 'n More (also known as Bev Mo) has a decent supply as well, and when I last checked they had Stagg available. As for bars that have a big bourbon selection, well, if you find one let me know. We're a long way from bourbon country out here, and top shelf bourbon in local bars is usually a lonely bottle of Maker's Mark.

05-18-2005, 08:35
D & M Liquors
2200 Filmore St.

John Walker & Co.
175 Sutter Street

Friendly Spirits
572 Castro St.

Vine Impression
3461 California St.

Plumpjack Wines
1011 24th Street

Nice Restaurants

Fog City Diner
1300 Batery St.
415-982-2000 (the bartender is Gavin Lange-Jim Lange's son-Dating Game)

56 Gold Street

Slanted Door (they have private label 15-year Pappy)Good bartender named Thad
100 Brannan St.

450 Post St.

across from Farallon

Myth-(great restuarant)
470 Pacific Avenue
Mgr. Alex Fox loves VW whiskey

SF is a great bourbon town.

05-18-2005, 14:17
Recently I saw a private label ORVW 12 year old Lot B in New York that I hadn't seen before, at Astor Wines and Spirits in lower Manhattan. Literally minutes before I had bought the regular ORVW 12 year old Lot B at nearby Warehouse Wines and Spirits to give as a gift to a busines colleague that evening. Astor's version had interesting data about the rick and barrel it was taken from and I don't recall seeing that on any other bottle of ORVW, even the Van Blankle (if I am not mistaken - of course Randy knows, he picked the very barrel!). I should have picked up this second bottle of ORVW but will do so in June when I return to the City (hopefully there will be some left). It would be interesting to compare it to the regular Lot B.

Here is an interesting postscript: the person I gave it to told me after "it reminds me of a high quality rye whiskey". (And this person knows straight rye). That is the first comment of that type I've ever heard about your wheated bourbon, Julian! I think though it isn't as far fetched as seems the case because that Lot B (I know, I had a taste) had an elegant dryness that could in fact be taken for some older ryes, Black Maple Hills 18 year old rye is an example. Anyway he loved it. He said he is familiar with the Blue Smoke's private label version of ORVW. People know the brand, even people not into the intricasies of straight whiskey, word gets around..


05-22-2005, 17:18
Well, I'm a little late with this, but I just ran across it:


Many of the stores have linked websites.