View Full Version : Corn Vodka = Unaged Corn Whiskey?

06-23-2005, 08:18
I have seen mention of Rain Vodka, which I believe is 100% corn distillate, unaged.

Would this be the same as unaged corn whiskey (assuming for the moment that we can even call an un-oaked distillate whiskey)? The only differences that come to my mind might be the final still proof and the target flavor the distiller has in mind.

Of course, compared to - shall we say, portable distilleries of yesteryear - it seems the differences could be large, as triple distillation vs. thumper, column vs. pot still, and inefficiencies in the setup might yield any number of differences.


06-23-2005, 08:51
I think there are marked differences. Vodka should come off the still in the upper ninties abv. Here is the law:

"(a) Class 1; neutral spirits or alcohol.
"Neutral spirits" or "alcohol" are distilled spirits produced from any material at or
above 190 proof, and, if bottled, bottled at not less than 80 proof.
(1) "Vodka" is neutral spirits so distilled, or so treated after distillation with
charcoal or other materials, as to be without distinctive character, aroma, taste,
or color."

Corn Whiskey comes off the still at a much lower proof. Here is the legal definition:

"(ii) "Corn whisky" is whisky produced at not exceeding 160 proof from a
fermented mash of not less than 80 percent corn grain, and if stored in oak
containers stored at not more than 125 proof in used or uncharred new oak
containers and not subjected in any manner to treatment with charred wood;
and also includes mixtures of such whisky."

To be called whiskey it must meet these, admittedly rather vague, requirements:

"the distillate possesses the taste, aroma, and
characteristics generally attributed to whisky, stored in oak containers (except that
corn whisky need not be so stored)"

Try Georgia Moon if you want to try unaged Straight Corn Whiskey. Not vodka at all. Nor is it my favorite pour...

Ken Weber
07-08-2005, 06:58
Rain is made from 100% organically grown corn, while corn whiskey, among other things, generally refers to whiskey aged in used cooperage.


07-08-2005, 18:30
What's the deal with filtering it through diamond dust?! I've never heard of that one before today.

Ken Weber
07-18-2005, 09:06
I am sure it was a marketing thing. I believe we have stopped claiming this.

07-19-2005, 03:55
You may have stopped claiming it, but a large retailer in Minneapolis has the ad in their sale flyer for their upcoming "Premium Brands Sale".

07-21-2005, 10:01
Rain is made from 100% organically grown corn, while corn whiskey, among other things, generally refers to whiskey aged in used cooperage.


I don't mean to be a nitpicker, but by this I assume you mean that all the corn is organic, not that the mashbill is 100% corn? There's some malt in the mash, I figure. What exactly is the mashbill for vodka?

Ken Weber
07-22-2005, 12:13
The corn is 100% organic and I believe that the enzymes found in malted barley have been used, however, I believe the mashbill is 100% corn. Several distilleries use the natural enzymes found in barley. If more barley was used, the flavor would be different. So, to get the best fermentation without negatively affecting the taste, enzymes are added.