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07-24-2000, 14:07
I read the posts below about the Murray books, how do the Regans' books compare?

07-25-2000, 16:13
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I read the posts below about the Murray books, how do the Regans' books compare?


Depends on whom you ask. I greatly prefer Murray. The Regans' books are, IMO, amateurishly written, lacking insight and accuracy in some of their tastings. I disagree with Murray on a few of his opinions (Heaven Hill Ultra Deluxe is garbage, no two ways about it, and the distillery folks admit as much), but at least he describes the bourbons with accuracy. The Regans seem to just throw out buzzwords - "spicy", "dry", "leather", blah blah blah - and hope it conveys what they thought. OTOH, their Book Of Bourbon And Other Fine American Whiskeys is worth having around for some historical data if nothing else.


07-26-2000, 10:36
Ryan may be right that Murray is the better taster, but I like The Book of Bourbon for its wealth of detail. Full disclosure, though. I also consider Gary and Mardee to be friends and have never met Murray.

--Chuck Cowdery (http://cowdery.home.netcom.com)

07-26-2000, 16:17
I have worked with both the Regans and Murray of the histroical research for their books (as well as Waymack and Harris). I personally like the Regan book better, but that is from a historian's point of view. I still have to laugh every time I pick up Jim Murray's book and read that "Kentucky won its independence from Virginia" and wonder if that was a bloody war or did they simply refuse to send good whiskey east to Virginia until they were granted independence? My personal advice to people who ask me for reading material has always been for history start with Waymack and Harris and then read the Regans. I then advise them for tasting notes they then need to read Jim Murray. I personally don't like tasting notes because they are subjective and not everybody has the same taste buds. What I like may not be what you like. Some prefer chocolate ice cream others prefer strawberry. Tasting notes should be read with that attitude.
Mike Veach