View Full Version : Medley bourbon?

12-06-1999, 14:01
My British inlaws (surname Medley) understand that a forebear went into the whisky business in Kentucky (in the last century???), producing a bourbon bearing the family name. I believe that the company was rolled over into a company making whisky sold as 'Rebel Yell'. Any info or pointers to info about this subject would be much appreciated. Thank you. Bob Bastille

12-07-1999, 20:33
The Medley family was big in bourbon-making. They were the last big distiller in Western Kentucky, based around Owensboro. Charlie Medley was the last master distiller for Glenmore, which bought Medley around 1990. In 1992, United Distillers bought Glenmore. United is now part of Diageo, but they got rid of most of their Glenmore properties years ago. There have also been some independent Medleys out there. The Ben Medley Distillery Co. is still on record as having 51 barrels of aging bourbon, made in 1992, in its warehouse in Stanley, KY. The first Medley in Kentucky, Thomas, is reputted to have set up a distillery near Lebanon, KY in the early 1800s.

- chuck