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04-18-2000, 13:27
I am interested in acquiring any items bearing the name "Wathen" from the old J. B. Wathen & Brother Rolling Fork Distillery in Lebanon, KY. Also any items from the "American Medicinal Spirits" company. Please send description and price.

04-18-2000, 14:28
You might give Charles Medley a call. He is a Wathen family member.
(270) 926-4460

04-18-2000, 20:48
You might also want to call Ted Wathen, in Louisville. I don't have his number, but he's a photographer there and descended from J.B.

By the way, the Wathens owned more than just the distillery in Lebanon. They were a pretty big deal in Kentucky distilling up through Prohibition. They owned Old Grand-Dad for a time too, when it was in Nelson County.

If you're interested in sharing, I and perhaps some others would be interested in hearing why you are interested in collecting Wathen memorabilia.

--Chuck Cowdery (http://cowdery.home.netcom.com)