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08-02-2000, 15:33
Any lawyers out there who know their way around legal history? I would like to find out exactly when the law was passed that required the registration of distilleries. I know it was in the 1860's and I think it may have been part of the laws that brought back the liquor tax to pay for the war. If this is so then the first registered distilleries are most likely in Maryland since they were closest to Washington. This also puts Jack Daniel's out of the running because Tennessee was part of the Confederacy and certainly would not have required their distilleries to register with Washington.
Mike Veach

08-20-2004, 16:21
Actually Michter's in Schafferstown,PA was the first registered distillery.

08-20-2004, 22:57
What is your source for that claim?

Michter's label claimed that it was established in 1753. The label, at least, made no claim for first registered.

08-24-2004, 07:32
I too, would be interested in your source. The earliest registration papers I have found were for warehouses, not distilleries. This was due to the fact that they created the idea of a "bonding period" of one year and needed registered warehouses to store the whiskey during the period.
Mike Veach
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