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11-04-2005, 06:10
Just got back from a trip to Sweden, where the whisky selection was impressive, but the whiskey selection was less so. However I did have a friend pour me a glass of "Penny Packer" bourbon - which he said he had picked up in Germany. It was 80 proof, very lite, nothing special, along the lines of Ancient Age, maybe. Is anyone familiar with this bourbon?

11-10-2005, 09:16
Pennypacker is most likely a Heaven Hill bourbon, not more than 5 yrs old. It's very very cheap, only around 10 Euros a bottle (US $ 15).

It's a decent bourbon. Unlike Scotch in the same price range, it's miles away from making me gag.

There's an equivalent called "Medley's Kentucky". I believe this is the same bourbon, just another label/name. Also imported to Germany by the same company.