View Full Version : Bahamas Bound: Graycliff Cigars?

11-04-2005, 12:15
I'm heading to Nassau, Bahamas next week for my daughter Lynn's destination wedding. I've pre-arranged a tour of the cigar making operation at the Graycliff Hotel. They have Cubans making cigars with Cuban Tobacco. You can buy freshly rolled cigars and smoke them in an adjacent lounge that serves alcohol.
Anyone have personal knowledge of this location and the cigar quality?

11-04-2005, 17:25
No comment on the Bahamas but while on my honeymoon near Cancun (March '05) there was a guy, claiming to be Cuban, visiting the resorts. He had a large assortment of different sized stogies supposedly from Cuban tobacco. Rolled me 5 6.12x51 for $30 plus one to enjoy with the drink I had in my hand. He claimed to be employed by Cohiba but there's no way to verify. Cigars were quite tasty.