View Full Version : Hetman Vodka de luxe

11-28-2005, 18:44
A new Polish vodka in our market (Ontario). Handsome frosted bottle with clear oval-shaped centre portion through which one can see the portrait of Hetman Stefan Czarniecki, a national hero who defended Poland in the time of the Swedish invasion.

This is all-rye-derived vodka. Four distillations, 40% ABV.

It has a nice full body with a sharp, slightly peppery finish that seems derived from the rye.

It does not have the sweetness of some vodkas (often induced by addition of sucrose).

It has a slighly creamy taste, too, or aftertaste.

A nice vodka with no alcohol hit such as one gets in cheap vodkas (reminiscent of the doctor's office, that swabbing alcohol smell).

I almost never drink vodka but am enjoying a glass at present. I thought it would act as a good digestive.