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04-09-2000, 17:05
Now that I have successfully hoarded a case of this whiskey, I can speak the truth. When I bought my first bottle about a month ago, I thought that this was one of the most astonishing whiskeys I had ever tasted. After a month and 3/4ths of a bottle, I realize that this is one of the greatest whiskeys I have ever tried, and at some $24 -28 a bottle surprisingly under-priced. Then I heard form Julian that this is a "found" whiskey; there is a limited amount and it is literally irreplaceable. Then I had a nasty surprise when one of the best dealers told me he couldn't get any more.

Thankfully, I found some and have a case (plus 1 extra bottle) safely tucked away in my collection so I can speak freely: go and grab some of this stuff before it's all gone. There may never be another opportunity like this.

Learned to appreciate Bourbon as a student in Chicago in the 1960's

04-16-2000, 19:14
Based on your note, I just went out and bought two more bottles! Unlike my current bottle, these had the packet of rye.

John A. Dube

04-18-2000, 14:22
Sorry about those missing bags of rye on your earlier purchase of VW rye. The hang tags tend to get lost alot between the time when we put them on and when they arrive at the liquor store shelf. Glad to see someone in Vegas is buying my whiskey.

04-18-2000, 18:50
Appearantly I'm not the only one drinking your whisky. Every liquor store in Vegas is out of the VW 13 Rye except one. Will you have something else coming out to fill this void?

John A. Dube

02-06-2001, 21:09
Hello, On a recent trip to Ky. (end of Jan 01) I brought back with me 2 bottles of the 13yr van Winkle RYe. I have enjoyed 1 bottle so far and have found a store in FL. That has some additional bottles on order for me. This is one top on the line Whiskey. I give a Tip of The Hat to Julian Van Winkle this is a marvelous drink. I have asked my favorite store in KY. To order me a case for my trip this summer. To make sure I have it I will pay them in advance and hope ther are not so desperate to drink this before I can come and pick it up. Prices in KY. are much better than here in FL. Seems we have some of if not the highest taxes on liquor of any state. If you not had the 13yr VW rye Please go try some. And there 12yr Rye is also sooo goood.. Creggor

02-09-2001, 18:27
Hello, Harry. I also think the 13yr VW Rye is a wonderful Whiskey. When I read your comments about this maybe a found whiskey I sent a mbx to Julian Vanwinkle. Julian did not say if this was a found whiskey. Only that he had a finite # of barrels of this available probably enough for 2-3 yrs. So get on your local store to check with there dist. they should still be able to order this. Julians 12yr Rye isalso very good. You may want to try this as well. and if you get a chance the 18yr Sazerac is right up there. Creggor.

04-27-2002, 19:01
Just got my first bottle of the 13 year old VW Family Reserve today, lordy, that's some GOOD rye whiskey. I've still got a bottle of the Sazerac, your Old Overholt and Wild Turkey Rye, but those all just moved down a notch in my esteem. The 13 year old VW Family Reserve simply rocks.

I guess that makes it Rockin' Rye.

08-03-2002, 16:35

There's another thread in the Rye forum in which the author asks how the 12 yr VW and the 13 yr. compare.

Are you in a position to comment in that thread?

Yours truly,
Dave Morefield