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06-09-2000, 13:31
I've been lurking and enjoying for a while now, and I hope you folks may know something about an old friend. When I was in college in Pittsburgh in the days when there were real steelworkers and real bars near the university, I'd unwind with a real Pittsburgh specialty - a boilermaker consisting of Sam Thompson rye washed down with a Stoney's on draft. Wow, I can still remember the honesty of that combination. I then occasionally would buy a bottle for a straight dram. As I recall, it was distilled in Large, PA, and the label had a drawing of the distillery on it. I've been through Large, and have never found the distillery. Scrambled eggs and a good shot of Sam was my breakfast the day my son was born, and it toasted his baptism 25 years ago. I hear from PA liquor control board employees that it has not been seen in many years. It was a surprisingly smooth but lean whiskey then, and made me really understand the Whiskey Rebellion. I'd like to track some down, just to say thanks.

Ralph Wilps

06-10-2000, 19:08
I'm afraid you'll need to make a new friend. There are no more active rye distilleries in Pennsylvania. All of the ryes made today are made in Kentucky at bourbon distilleries. Michters was the last Pennsylvania distillery in business, but I don't know if there is any of their rye still around. There is always a chance you can find a stray bottle in some small town liquor store, where it has been gathering dust for 30 years, but that is a long shot. Sorry.

--Chuck Cowdery (http://cowdery.home.netcom.com)

06-11-2000, 13:31
I don't expect I'll ever see another bottle of "Sam", but I would be interested in any historical information on the brand or the distillery.

Ralph Wilps