View Full Version : VW Lot B

02-23-2006, 21:03
Tonight I came home with a bottle of Lot B that I thought looked alittle strange. The top is missing the foil and the only part of the black cap that's left is a circle around the top of the cork. I got the clerk to give me a discount because I'm sure we'll have trouble opening it. I also got a verbal report that it was returnable if it turned out I bought "tainted" bourbon!

What really caught my eye was the split label on the back of the bottle. The Government warning and UPC labels are seperate. How long ago did the Van Winkle line switch to the single label? All of the other bottles I have, have a single lable in the back. A few of the Lawrenceburg ORVW's that I have in the bunker, have the same small UPC type label.

The glass markings are similiar to a current bottling, but, the neck of the bottle isn't quite as narrow on the top.

To the best of my understanding, there's not been a way to tell the difference in Lot B bottlings. Did I find an oldie, but goodie? Or a tainted bottle?

BTW, it has two small visible "floaters"! If I had noticed that, I probably would have left it on the shelf! I don't do chunky bourbon!