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03-03-2006, 16:43
Hi- I am new to the group, and I am wondering if anyone knows where to get IW Harper bourbon? My local area package stores don't carry it any more. Thanks in advance, Steve

03-03-2006, 17:41
I think it's on the shelves in Washington State. I doubt that many other places have it, except Japan.

03-03-2006, 18:45
I.W. Harper is now export-only. So, as Joe says, Washington and a few other so-called 'control' states -- where the state acts as the wholesaler/distributor and thus buys in huge quantities -- are the only places that may still have stock from past distributions.
Last place I saw it in any quantity was in Mississippi.

03-03-2006, 18:52

Please be so kind as to update your profile to show us where you're from. If you're in Indiana, I can send you to stores that still have the IW Harper 15yr gold medal from the bourbon heritage collection. Wade can tell you where they have the 4 yr old IW Harper in WA. Doug has CA covered, Tim can fill you in on TN and Dane has MO covered :)

So where are you willing to travel?


03-03-2006, 19:14
The IW harper has disappeared from the shelf in WA state for the most part. The liquor control board has marked it as discontinued. One store in Shoreline, WA still shows 7 bottles in stock on online computer, but I have found their computer system not to be very accurate.