View Full Version : Rye question???

03-04-2006, 17:32
As I am enjoying a delicious pour of Sazerac 18 yr Straight Rye whiskey a question comes to mind. Is rye aged in "new" charred oak barrels??? My guess is yes but I am not sure if they have to be new. Anyone help on this question?

03-04-2006, 21:34
Indeed straight rye whiskey must be aged solely in new charred barrels. This requirement (as for bourbon) came in in the late 1930's. Before that, some producers used a combination of used and new charred cooperage. This being said, some rye is more marked by the barrel than others. E.g. Old Overholt seems to me only little influenced by the barrel. Ditto the fine Wild Turkey rye and Michter's straight rye. It may be that some producers consider that a heavily charred palate is not suitable for straight rye whiskey.