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03-16-2000, 11:22
I am contemplating a visit to the bluegrass state soon and was wondering if everyone here could help pitch in with their list of quality bourbons (o.k. it's subjective, I know) which are only available in KY. Here's three that I know of off the top of my head:

Ancient Ancient Age 10yr
Buffalo Trace
Four Roses

All contributions are welcomed. Thanks in advance.


03-18-2000, 14:29
Very Old Barton is one that I usually try to grab in Kentucky, because it isn't widely available outside the South and it probably is the best product of the Barton Distillery. The Heaven Hill brands that actually bear the Heaven Hill name (as opposed to Evan Williams) are generally only available in Kentucky, typically in a wide range of expressions. They aren't necessarily outstanding, but they are interesting novelties. You can also find some brands, like J.W.Dant and J.T.S.Brown, that are rare elsewhere, although most of them are Heaven Hill whiskey.

FYI, I expect Buffalo Trace will have national distribution before too much longer. That obviously is intended to be the distillery's flagship brand. Also, you know AAA and Buffalo Trace are the same distillery?

--Chuck Cowdery (http://cowdery.home.netcom.com)