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03-28-2006, 13:47

I found 3 bottles of WT 8 yr in 500 ml bottles, purchased them all. Does anyone know how to tell how old they are? They have the cork with the little paper strip going across the top and side. They were quite dusty too. I paid 19 bucks per., good buy?

Let me know what you know. Thanks!!!



03-28-2006, 13:53
I can't answer your questions.

Are you sure about the 500 ml. size? I've never seen or heard of that size, not that my unawareness proves anything.

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Dave Morefield

03-28-2006, 14:00
Does the back label have Japanese writing on it?

03-28-2006, 14:05
I found 3 bottles of WT 8 yr in 500 ml bottles, purchased them all. Does anyone know how to tell how old they are?
I've seen metric as far back as about 1978, and tax stamps ended in mid-1982 (right?). So if the paper strip is a true tax stamp (has the ATF seal AND real tax stamp numbers, which are usually 9 numbers, no spaces), I would put it at 1980 +/- 2 years.

If the strip isn't a true tax stamp it is probably from sometime in the 1980s after 1982, as distilleries seem to have continued with strip stamps until convenient for them to install TE (tamper evident) cap equipment on the bottling lines.

Of course, I could be way off, too.

Roger "I learned what little industry lingo I know from Bettye Jo" Hodges

03-28-2006, 19:16
Check the bottom of the bottle. Often there is a two digit number that will indicate a date. I'm not sure if that is an accurate bottling date or only the date for the manufacturing of the bottle itself, but it will give you some idea anyway.

BTW, I sampled the WT 8 yr. for the first time a couple of nights ago, and it was OUTSTANDING. Enjoy.


04-01-2006, 20:24

Well I looked at the bottom of the bottle and it was stamped 1983. As for the strip I did not see any numbers but it sounds about right after 1982. The bottles are in fact 500ml bottles.

I was on my way back to the airport and had to fill up the rental. I saw a little liquor store stopped in and there was a bottle of 12 WT with the gold label for 46.99 for the bottle so I scooped it up. I also found a bottle of WT RR 101, took it too.

I called the guy at the store when I got back to Kansas City and asked him to check and see if he can get any more WT12 yr, we will see what happens.

I broke open a bottle of the 8 yr WT not bad, not as good as the 12 yr though.

I will keep you posted on the 12 yr.



04-01-2006, 23:20
The 500ml standard of fill ensures that it is pre-06-30-1989 as that was when they cut off using that size.

Good find on the 12yr.