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04-02-2006, 23:36
My wife and I like going wine tasting. Being in southern california, we don't have a great number of places to go for day trips, but Temecula is only 75 miles from our house and is a pretty neat area for wine tasting. We went down this weekend, and I decided that I needed to start keeping track of our opinions on the various wineries, as it's easy to forget when there are so many. So, for those who live in socal or those who might be visiting, here's our blog of california wineries. We will keep updating this as we go other places. If you want to see all eight wineries, you need to hit "archives" at the bottom of the page.



04-03-2006, 14:26
I'm not a wine guy, but I visited Wilson Creek Winery twice during my California days, both times in conjunction with a community band festival held in and around the gazebo.

Being a dog person, not only did I enjoy meeting the resident Labs (who also served as combination greeters/doorstops), I also picked up a few bottles whose labels included a picture of the Labs. I can't find that bottling on their website (I hope the Labs haven't gone to the rainbow bridge), but I think it was a Merlot. On my second visit they wouldn't sell it to me unless I joined a wine club. I declined.

But for that slight pique I found it an enjoyable place to visit.

While driving the several miles along Rancho California Road I was surprised to learn that Temecula is the home of so many wineries. I had always supposed a cooler climate was necessary for production of wine grapes.

Yours truly,
Dave Morefield

04-08-2006, 22:19
I have changed the location of this blog to one that allows comments and such. There is nothing new yet over the prior link, but all updates will be to this new link and the ultimately the prior one will go away...




04-23-2006, 16:52
Just poured a Stuart Cellars 2001 Tatria (their name for their meritage) last night. Excellent bottle of wine. Makes me happy I have a few more in my cellar. We also poured a 2004 Stuart Zinfandel (good, a little sweet) and a 2000 Fenestra Cabernet Sauvignon (marvelous, as always).


PS - Stuart is available in limited quantities at the wine exchange in Tustin, for those of you who are socal folks. Fenestra is not available anywhere outside of livermore to my knowledge.