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04-20-2006, 15:22
I got to thinkin.... what makes a person appreciate a particular bourbon?

I just recently got back into bourbon although my first jaunt was just a toe-in with Old Crow about 30 years ago in the navy when another friend was drinking Beam and Coke.

It wasn't until I went to Kentucky a few months ago when I tried a pint of Jim Beam 7 Year Old white label that I thought of searching the web and found this board.

That kicked it off and I began becoming interested in Bourbon and have tasted a few since......

I bought some cheap stuff like Old Crow, Evan Williams Black Label and VOB.. some Beam etc... I bought some more medium priced Wild Turkey, Single Barrel stuff like Evan Williams 1995, Elmer T. Lee. I actually have not tried THAT many maybe ten brands since I started maybe half a year ago and am finding that once I learn to appreciate the bite, I can drink some pretty cheap stuff and appreciate it... AND! sometimes the bite is part of what makes it better!

So while I have not tried Bookers or Pappy or Bulleit or a lot of the expensiver bourbonnes...... I am curious what it is about the bourbons that makes you really appreciate them?

the more I drink each of them, the more I appreciate them all! BUT.. the less I appreciate having to spend a fortune to have a nice bourbon drinking experience.

Paul Cote

04-20-2006, 16:17
Paul, I think it would take days to compose a suitable answer to this question. In fact, your question is basically answered by all (or most) of the bourbon-related posts on these forums. It is an open, back and forth discussion of various bourbons, why we like this and don't like that.

But, for a quick answer, I personally prefer deep, bold flavors. To pick a standard bourbon that gives an idea of what I like, it is Wild Turkey 101. A little up from there, Elmer T. Lee, Rare Breed, and Old Grand Dad 114. And way on up, Rock Hill Farms and Old Forester Birthday Bourbon (2002). Each of these are strong, somewhat sweet, and have very pronounced flavors and aromas such as tobacco, leather, maple syrup, orange peel, and "dark" fruits.

Also, I don't personally get everyone's fascination with "wheaters". More spicy rye, for me, please! :cool: