View Full Version : Starka Vodka - Can We get It?

04-25-2006, 11:27
There are people on the board who work for liquor retailers (and maybe wholesalers) of varying sizes.

I have a question for you.

Is there anywhere in the U.S. one can obtain Starka Vodka? This is a special kind of Polish vodka, one which is distilled, from rye, at a low proof, in pot stills I believe. It is aged for varying periods, some very long, in casks that formerly held sherry. Rye whiskey is in many ways similar in that it too is (and traditionally it was exclusively) distilled at a proof which left in secondary flavouring elements (esters, acids, aldehydes, higher alcohols). Also, in some places, e.g., Maryland and Canada, straight rye was blended which sometimes meant flavouring it slightly with a fruit-derived extract. E.g., Forty Creek's 3 Grain Canadian whisky is distilled in part from rye in a pot still and is aged in ex-sherry casks.

I would like to taste Starka against this form of rye whiskey; maybe the two are quite similar (theoretically they should be).

I have looked here and there for it (in North America) and never found it.

Any ideas?


04-25-2006, 12:06
I cant help with attaining a bottle, but here is a site in the UK that sells it. Interesting vodka to say the least.


04-25-2006, 12:30
Thanks for that. It may be an error in the ad to say it's not aged in cask, I think they may have wanted to say it IS aged in cask. Certainly it used to be although maybe that's changed. There are also I know 20 and 30 year old versions. Some (the well-aged ones I would think) may be aged in cask and some may be stored for a while in tanks. You can usually get almost any alcoholic product in the U.S. except things that can't be legally sold (e.g. absinthe) but I have never seen any form of Starka there.