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04-28-2006, 12:45
If you were limited to what's available on the shelves in your town (no mail ordering or traveling) what would your top-five look like.

(I guess this is just another way to see who is lucky on selection.)

Here in Albuquerque I'm lucky enough to be able to mail order, but even if I couldn't I wouldn't be in too bad of shape.

My top five locally available:

1. Kentucky Spirit (I can get all three of the RR, RB, KS trifecta here.)
2. Blanton's
3. VW 12
4. RR
5. Elijah Craig 12

The only things I'd really be missing would be Pappy 15 and Buffalo Trace (and numerous things I haven't tried yet.)

04-28-2006, 13:36
This is a very interesting variant of my favourite bottles or top 5 :cool:

If I was to rank my top 5 only available in Brisbane Australia (no mail order).......

1. Bookers
2. Evan Williams Single Barrel
3. Bulleit
4. Wild Turkey Rare Breed
5. Jim Beam Rye (because it's the only Rye sold in Australia)

I'd also have to make special mention of one other - Nelson County by Heaven Hill. At $22.95 AU (approx $16.50 US) for a 700ml bottle and 80 proof, this has become my favourite every day pour - both straight, on the rocks or mixed with coke. I've also put several family and friends onto this top drop and they all agree - it's the best value bourbon on our market by far!! Well Done Heaven Hill :D:D:D:D

04-28-2006, 14:24
- Wild Turkey: Rare Breed
- Van Winkle Special Reserve 12 "Lot B"
- Fighting Cock 103
- Wild Turkey: 101
- Elijah Craig Single Barrel

04-28-2006, 15:19
Rock Hill Farms
Lot B
Eagle Rare 10

04-28-2006, 16:21
Available here?

Kentucky Spirit
Rare Breed
Jefferson Reserve

Wild Turkey Rye
Pyrat XO Rum

04-28-2006, 16:46
This is very limiting on me, because the selection is very bad in Alabama and seems to be continually getting worse.

In no particular order:
WT 101
WT Rare Breed
Elijah Craig 12-yr

I don't think I can name five. Things I used to buy, but can no longer find, include Blanton's, Rock Hill Farms, Kentucky Spirit, Evan Williams Single Barrel, etc.


04-28-2006, 16:53
My local has Pappy 20, Hirsch 16, Blanton's Elijah Craig 18 and Lot B so I'd be fairly happy.

04-28-2006, 17:00
If I was strictly limited to what's in town, I'd not be too happy - probably the only thing worthwhile would be WT 101 (not bad, but I like variety).

On the other claw, Binny's has a location less than ten miles from home, and there are some other good stores nearby that sometimes manage to undercut the "Big B."

If I consider "local" to be a ten-mile radius, then I have quite a selection available, including many a bottle that I haven't yet tried.

04-28-2006, 17:28
Old Granddad 114
WT 101
EC 12

04-28-2006, 18:54
My town is so small, my top five would be only four entries long. Okay, I exaggerate to make a point, but not by much

WT Rare Breed
WT 101
Jim Beam Black
Knob Creek
Evan Williams Black LabelAfter that come Jim Beam White, Ten High and Safeway's Private Reserve (:grin: ).

Yours truly,
Dave Morefield

04-28-2006, 19:30
In no particular order:

WT Kentucky Spirit
WT Rare Breed
Evan Williams SB
Weller Antique

Hedmans Brorsa
04-29-2006, 04:33
Unfortunately, this question is all too easy to answer for me :

All that is available at the moment is :

Jim Beam white
" - black
Jack Daniel´s standard
" - Gentleman Jack
Four Roses yellow label
Seagram´s Seven Crown

There was a time, circa 1 ½ years ago when we could get Buffalo Trace, Evan Williams SB, Rittenhouse and WT rye among other things but now the situation seems to have reversed back to the dreary standards of the late 90´s when I first got into Bourbon in a big way. Sad, but true...

Of course, we still have lots of stuff available on special order but that´s outside the scope of this thread.

04-30-2006, 11:54
Safeway's private reserve? Is that from Safeway Grocery Store?

04-30-2006, 13:16
I'm thinking that maybe I should quit complaining about how much things cost here and be happy that I have access to the desirable bourbons here in Indy! (And a job to help me pay inflated prices!)

04-30-2006, 16:20
Up here in Toronto where they just stopped carrying ETL...(sniff sniff)...

Eagle Rare

Not too much when you get away from BT or Beam products up here...

04-30-2006, 16:43
I'm new to the site and have been exploring the local liquor stores for bourbons. I have only found 2 that I can buy and will drink without traveling:

Knob Creek
Maker's Mark

04-30-2006, 17:42
Maker's, Beam Black, and Old Charter 8YO

04-30-2006, 18:35
Pickin's are a little slim here, but not as bad as I first had thought.

Eagle rare (love this stuff)
ORVW 10/107 (which wasn't readily available, but is easier to get now)
Evan Williams SB
Old Weller Antique (very over priced here, and harder to find)
and my regular pour Virginia Gentleman 90

I can find a few others locally, Pappy 15 & 20 just starting hitting the shelves since I requested it, but most of the others I can't find or just one local store handles them and they are typically 20-25% above what the average retail is that I find on the internet. I want to buy locally, but in some cases it's easier and more cost effective to put together an order for out of town. Especially if I want Rye!


04-30-2006, 19:17
Yes and no. Actually I didn't mean for my reference to be taken literally. I apologize for causing confusion in a vain attempt to be witty.

I'm pretty sure that my local Safeway grocery store has some odd brand that I tend to equate with a house brand. However, it does not have the Safeway name on it, nor is it labeled "Private Reserve".

The next time I shop for groceries I'll pay closer attention to the labeling of the budget-priced offerings at Safeway.

Yours truly,
Dave Morefield

05-01-2006, 09:37
In no particular order:

1. ER 10/101
2. ORVW 15/107
3. Weller 12yo
4. Elmer T. Lee
5. EW1783 or SB

All readily available (thankfully).


05-01-2006, 17:19
I'm new to the site and have been exploring the local liquor stores for bourbons. I have only found 2 that I can buy and will drink without traveling:

Knob Creek
Maker's Mark

Does "SB. IN" indicate South Bend, Indiana? If so, have you tried CityWide Liquors, especially the big store downtown on Jefferson? They have a very good selection, often more than they list on their website:

For example, I found four A.H. Hirsch 20yos there just over a year ago -- at $108 each:shocked: .

05-09-2006, 16:27
Or maybe this thread (http://www.straightbourbon.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2461&highlight=old+marketing) was stuck in my memory, causing me to think I saw something that wasn't there.

Yours truly,
Dave Morefield

05-10-2006, 06:36
Eagle Rare 10
Kentucky Spirit
Old Forester BIB
WT 101


05-10-2006, 13:53
Iam feeling better about my selections as I read, here is my 2 cents.

1. SAZERAC RYE 18YR love it, but at $50.00 a bottle, I take Rittenhouse Rye which is my most enjoyable and best bargain.
2. Blantons
3. Hirsch 16 year old, always on my list.
4. Buffalo Trace
5. Bookers

"Don't give up Don't ever give up"

05-11-2006, 14:24
Weller 12 (which is sometimes available 'round these Seattle parts)
Rock Hill Farms (also a relative rarity, but makes appearances)
Pappy 15 or 20 (see above)
WT Rare Breed
Jim Beam Black

Not too bad. I mail order the Antique Collection and some odds & ends, but it could be worse. A lot worse.

05-11-2006, 14:45
I complain some, but local selection is actually pretty good. But I find that many of my favorites I bought locally can't be (reliably) found anymore, so I won't count ORVW 15 (and old 10), ER 101, RR 101, etc. And I've relied on my stash of such and not bought some of the replacement bottlings. So, of what I know I can get, and have bought, my favorites are:

OGD 114
OC 12

Was going to put Weller Centennial at the end, but realized I'm not sure I can lay my hands on another. No mail order in GA.