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05-07-2006, 08:03
I need to fill all of you in on what's the scoop in Nelson County...

I will let you know my background before I blast.

First, let me inform you that we (Nelson County, Kentucky) are known throughout the world as the "Bourbon Capital of the World"...

My heritage is Bourbon. I am seventh Generation Jacob Beam, my great grandfather was Joseph L. Beam, my grandfather Harry M. Beam. The majority of you know my profile.

I am a Apprentice, Industrial Maintenance and have worked at a Nelson County Distillery since, August 1992.

I speak for myself, and this is "my personal opinion"...That's why I have omitted my employer's name. This is my opinion and my husband (Pat).

That being said...lets go on with the topic at hand...

This link---->http://www.kystandard.com/articles/2006/05/07/news/local_news/news02.txt

We have a new wave of "Carrie Nation's" in our mist...They have always been there, calling the evil of alcohol. I know, by using "that term" that I will be damned to hell...but if they speak out...so can I...

I could probably write a book here but I won't...Bourbon and it's tax money keep this county seat thriving. The tax received from each barrel stored is astronomical. Bourbon is my lifestyle, my paycheck.

Teenage drinking is a problem..."illegal drugs" are in the limelight here too but they seem to miss that issue. I do not condone underage drinking but reading some of the letter's to the editor these folks would rally and ban alcohol in a heartbeat.

Prohibition failed. That's a fact...

Parental guidance is at issue here. Plain and simple. It starts in the home.

Alcohol, cigarettes, guns, illegal drugs (to name a few) are out there. It's the parents responsibility to "guide that child" in what's right and what's wrong. Does that mean that if a county fair is serving beer they should keep that child away because the alcohol is evil? This kinda scenario could be endless...

This topic makes me mad. My (17 year old) does not have a drinking problem. Now the wave starts again...because some parents have teenager's with a problem they want to blame me for what's happened to them? I feel sorry for them I really do...

They can take those young men off the barrel project. If that makes them feel better...but...It makes me wonder, is that project going cause another teenage drinking problem?...Good Grief.

I suspect that I will feel the heat soon. Most folks are afraid to say anthing because it's a sticky and ugly problem. I mention that fact again...not skirting it what so ever. Banning alcohol and anything related to it is not the answer.

Bettye Jo Boone

05-07-2006, 12:49
I agree 100% with Bettye Jo. What you have here are people who run their lives on based on chronic stupidity and lack of attention to detail. I more commonly refer to them as "crisis managers". They run their lives into crisis and then try to manage. Many of these same are hiding bigger fish in their own "ponds" so to speak and complain about others to keep attention away from themselves. If these complainers haven't figured out by now that Bardstown is world famous for its bourbon, then shame on them. Keeping the young people out of trouble and on the right path starts at home, not at school, not at the local distillery or cigarette factory. If these people want to complain, why don't they yack at the parents of the young people who are the "trouble makers". That would actually make sense as well as require an actual effort!


Whiskey River
05-07-2006, 13:21
Well said Bettye Jo. IMHO it's not about guns, alcohol, or tobacco. It's about parenting, education, and personal responsibilty. Even many years after it's repel, prohibition is still with us. It's sad that even in your neck of the woods where bourbon provides many jobs, both directly and indirectly, that the truth can't be seen. No Bourbon Barrel project today, no Bourbon Festival tomorrow?