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07-10-2001, 18:41
Maybe Lincoln Henderson can help me out here.

I just found a new bottling of Early Times. The label says:

"Early Times Especially Selected Private Stock Old Style Kentucky Whisky". Also it says it is a "Bar Liter". (I guess this is different from a regular liter?)

So what makes this a Private Stock?

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07-10-2001, 20:40
A "bar liter" just means it's intended for on-premise sales. Bars generally use liters and few liquor stores sell them. Here in Chicago a few do, primarily because some bars who can't get credit from their distributors buy at retail. It's illegal but, hey, this is Chicago. Anyway, "bar liter" is kind of redundant, but you will hear the term. It may have some specific meaning I don't know about, but I have always heard it used interchangeably with liter.

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07-10-2001, 21:16
Bar Liter and Liter same amount different label different destination.