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05-14-2006, 18:29
I stopped at a liquor store today to check out their stock since I hadn't been to this particular store for a while and Iím really glad I did. When I got to the bourbon section the first thing I noticed was a lone and slightly dusty bottle of Wild Turkey Russellís Reserve 101! :) To think I almost didnít go into this store since their selection isnít the greatest. Also, right next to the RR101 there was a bottle of Kentucky Spirit with a silver cap. They also had one with a regular wood colored cap as well. The silver one was bottled 1 year before the other. (I forget the year though) Is there anything special about this particular batch that would make it worth picking up? I immediatly snatched up the RR101 but left the KS with the silver cap since $45 isn't any deal for something that for all I know could just have a different colored cap and the fact that the bottle was filled almost 1 inch less than the one behind it. Just wanted to show off my find and maybe get some more info about that other bottle. Thanks!


05-14-2006, 18:35

05-14-2006, 18:48
Yeah...I remember that one, Tim :grin: you brought it to Cliff's party that night :grin: :grin: Most Excellent :grin: :grin:

Jeff was showing me the cap on that bottling...

:grin: Awesome :grin: ...

I told him that I would do a little machining on those caps for him...They would make a awesome set of drawer handles...Drill and tap to accept all thread and wella...lock nut on the end so no one would try to steal "your original idea" :slappin: :slappin: and we're done :grin: :grin:

Beamin' and machinin' in Kentucky :grin: :grin: :grin:

Bettye Jo

05-14-2006, 18:57
After reading the above link I found I have one of the first varieties. My neckband is very hard to read as it sat on the shelf at the liquor store a LONG time and apparently was wiped down over the years. The date is 3-06-98....I'm sure of the eight so the other must be a 9. When was KS first sold? I bought the bottle, I must confess, for the pewter stopper, it is lovely. If I ever see another I will snap it up...same with RR 101. I think I got the last one to be had in Ft. Smith Arkansas this weekend.

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05-14-2006, 22:35
Hey 'Bat - Congrats on the RR101! You'll never go wrong snapping it up wherever you find it - while you can find it.

I went by a store on the edge of town last night that I had been wanting to visit for a while. I also found the same 2 bottles that you did! I immediately grabbed the RR101 and held it like a baby. They also have one of the the early KS with the pewter top. It is from the 2-7-00 bottling that Jeff mentions in the older thread to which Tim provided a link. I left it on the shelf because I still have 2 KS purchased a few months back that were bottled on 1-21-00 - one is empty, one is full. Just figured I did not need another like it.....but, now having second thoughts. Especially since Jeff has found it a bit more robust which is to my liking as well. Since I have never had any other KS than the 1-21-00 bottling, I cannot make the comparison that Jeff has done with the more recent batches.

I think I'll slip back out there on Wednesday and snag it. I also know of another store where there is a KS bottled in 2001 that is slightly different from these others bottled in 2000. It also has the pewter cap but is a slightly different label on neck. This thread has rekindled my interest in my personal #1 bourbon.....I may have to get that one as well!

05-15-2006, 20:17
My old bottle of KS was bottled 12/15/94, Barrel 04, Warehouse C, Rick 34
Pewter top, dual grey neck label.

The one we have open was bottled 11-25-98, Barrel 14, Warehouse E, Rick 1
Same pewter top, dual grey neck label.


Accoring to a previous post....KS was introduced in 1995. The bottling in 94 was the first :)

05-15-2006, 21:07
Congrats on the RR. Always a good decision.../channeling Samuel Adams.

I have a half bottle of the 101. I think I'll grab a new 90 just so I'm no so tempted to drink the 101 all the time.

05-15-2006, 22:02

Great find!

It's pretty cool when you know you scored.

Here's to many more finds.