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05-18-2006, 12:41
Hey Chuck Cowdery (or anyone else for that matter)LOL

I saw this "Michter's Single Barrel Bourbon" .
But it does not say anywhere on the label "Straight" bourbon.
So what is it?
Did they not do a step or two in the process for it to be labeled "Straight"

Has anyone tasted it?
What is it like?


05-18-2006, 13:43
All bourbon is, by definition, straight. The requirements for bourbon are "stricter" than the requirements to be straight, so it will have already met and surpassed the requirements for a straight whiskey. The statement of straight, or bourbon for that matter, is optional. Any of these products could just be sold as "whiskey" and the ATF could care less.

05-18-2006, 14:49
Timothy, I agree with you that all bourbon on the market today (as far as I know) meets the definition of straight whether or not the label says so, but is it true to say the requirements for a bourbon are stricter than for a straight? I don't think so, e.g., a straight bourbon must be at least two years old; a bourbon can be less than two years old.


05-18-2006, 15:12
It's a little confusing. Only the "named types" (e.g., bourbon, rye, wheat, corn) are even eligible to be straights. That's one reason Jack Daniel's can't use "straight," even though it meets the standard. Gary has it right but Timothy has it backwards. It must be bourbon first.

All bourbon is not, by definition, straight, but all bourbon is, in practice, straight, as we'll see shortly.

A straight bourbon is a bourbon that has been aged for at least two years.

So, there's a really easy way to answer Oscar's question, because any bourbon that is less than four years old has to say how old it is somewhere on the label. If there is no age statement then it is, in fact, at least four years old and "straight" by definition.

Putting the word "straight" (or for that matter, the word "bourbon") on the label is optional so most likely this is, in fact, straight bourbon, but they chose not to use the term.

In defense of that decision, "straight" is much like "bottled-in-bond." No one knows what it means anyway and, in the case of "straight," there are no un-straight bourbons on the market. Why not? Some of us have tasted bourbon at 36 months and I don't think anyone who has would be in any hurry to try it at 23 months.

05-18-2006, 15:30
Damn, I just hate it when I don't bother to check my facts.

Chuck is correct, though he missed malt and rye malt.

My assumptions(though proven wrong here, as I thought any whiskey that met the 2 year min could be straight) were based on the fact that there are mashbill, proof and barrel requirements for the named types. I would consider this to be stricter than what I had thought was a "just distill anything and age it for two years" rule.

Oh well, see what happens when I don't check my facts first...will I learn, probably not!

OTOH, every time I do this and get it wrong, someone corrects me and I learn something...might have to not check my facts more often!

05-18-2006, 16:18
So this Mitcher's Single Barrel meets the 1964 US Bourbon Law?
Next question,
How does it taste?


05-22-2006, 09:35

I was going to pick a bottle up earlier this month but wedding plans are putting a serious dent in my collection!! It looks good and I've seen 3 positive reviews. .02

05-22-2006, 09:37
........and 2 negative ones.

05-22-2006, 13:56
I can't get it in Michigan anyway, if you like fruit flavored vodka and cheap light beer MI. is the place to be.
I now realize my confusion. I did some 'net searching.
There is something out there called Michter's American Whiskey. I had some years ago, it is not bourbon and it is bad.
Thanks for the info.