View Full Version : Rebottling a Decanters Contents

05-23-2006, 12:12
I've picked up a few Old Fitzgerald Decanters with good bourbon and poor corks and was wondering if anyone has a process / favorite bottle to transfer the contents?

I move around quite a bit for work, so there is absolutely no way I'm going to store the bourbon in the original containers (even if I did, most of the corks disintegrate upon opening).

05-23-2006, 13:41
I reuse the Cognac bottles from Pappy, Lot B, and Hirsch bottlings. I even go to the trouble of soaking the labels off the decanters so I can attach them to their new bottles!

05-23-2006, 14:16
A simple stainless steel kitchen strainer -- I generally use a little chlorine bleach in the water when I wash it and my glassware -- will filter out any cork particles that detach on opening. If futher filtering is necessary, cheesecloth works effectively.
I have some very nice '60s and '70s glass decanters from whiskey issues of that era in which to pour. Generally, I retain the original decanter/bottle at least until the whiskey's gone to show/prove provenance.

05-29-2006, 00:59
If they are the "Irish" style series of decanter, round with a ball top, I have found that a surplus Blantons cork will fit on an interim basis. However, I like putting mine in old plastic screw top bottles to insure they don't get traumatized again. It's just a personal preference. Oh, and most of my decanters came with a hang tag that I drape around the neck of the new bottle.