View Full Version : Found the prize in a box of Cracker Jacks

05-24-2006, 16:26
That's kind of how I feel. I have been buying a little extra EWSB here and there, various years and I happened to pick up a 95 today that has Craig Beam's Autograph across the front.

There were about a dozen bottles, this and another one were the only ones signed. I'm going back for the other early next week.

Anyway, I just think it's cool when people at the distilleries do this. Julian and a few others out there should consider signing an occasional bottle on the line and just letting it wander out there on it's own. To me it's kind of like hitting the lotto when I see one!


05-24-2006, 16:34

I once bought a bottle of Tribute and it had Jimmy Russell's signature on it. I thought that was pretty cool.

05-24-2006, 16:39
I guess I should have asked, cause now I want to know, who got bottles that are hand signed and whose signatures are on them?


05-24-2006, 20:05
Mark, those bottles are often premiums to retailers for buying case volumes -- for example, buy a case, and one of them will be signed by the distiller. We've bought some like that in the store occasionally -- Greg T. Davis of Barton comes to mind with the Ridgemont Reserve 1792. I've seen Chris Morris bottles of OFBB, too, and Lincoln Henderson on Woodford Reserve.
And, of course, around here there are plenty of retailers who buy whole barrels of Jack Daniel's SB, and Jimmy Bedford will spend a half-day in the store signing those purchased.

05-25-2006, 13:17
I toured Wild Turkey Distillery in April, and I bought some glasses at the gift shop.
I wasn't going to buy any bourbon but the lady had a couple of bottles of Rare Breed behind the counter with Jimmy Russell's autograph.
Of course I bought one. She said Mr. Russell signed them the day before.
"Jimmy Russell Master Distiller 2006" on the side of the glass not the label.


07-27-2006, 17:51
I took the Lynchburg tour in the fall some time back. While out touring the town and the countryside I stopped in a few different liqour stores to see what they had...I believe all of them had something signed by Jimmy Bedford. My understanding is that he gets out some and signs bottles occasionally. I picked up a few signed bottles at face value....then you see people on ebay asking a "King's ransom" for some of the stuff.

07-29-2006, 14:21
I heard a discussion on the radio last night about eBay and they were saying that eBay has a whole section for "mystery products" in which the bidders have no idea what it is they are bidding on, and yet these "items" sometimes sell for thousands of dollars.

It's a mystery alright.