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05-31-2006, 02:00
I am on a personal mission to convice as many people as I can to drink their whiskies neat.
When I started drinking whisky for enjoyment rather than debauchery, I admit I often added water or ice or gulped it down to lessen the burn. All of which now that I'm accustomed I regret and am grateful I've grown.
I drink all of my bourbons, ryes, scotches as well as the rest of my spirits neat. IMHO water dilutes the taste far too much while it does improve the nose, it takes the edge out of the taste and while putting in on the rocks does the same and encourages the drinker to imbibe too quickly which can lead to drunkeness which might ruin your enjoyment of a fine spirit.
Even my 141.2 proof stag I drink neat, just in very very small sips. I also notice that I drink eveything slower savor everything more and my bottles last longer so I have to spend less. All and all it has vastly improved my quality of enjoyment in my bourbon and other spirits. Thanks for reading. Happy drinking everyone!

05-31-2006, 03:55
Timmy, you might try a little moderation and experiment. I've found in some cases just a tiny drop or two of water seems to release some aromas in the nose and unlocks a few extra hidden tastes. Parker Beam impressed that on me while sitting in the tasting room at Heaven Hill. A little goes a long way though.

05-31-2006, 16:05
What you do with your own gullet is your business, but I advise against evangelism. At least consider a gradual approach, i.e., convert the Jack-and-Coke drinker to on-the-rocks, then to cool water, then to tepid water, and only then to neat.

The point is to encourage people to actually taste the whiskey. Tasting the whiskey is almost impossible in a mixed drink and difficult when any chilling is involved, but you genuinely can taste the whiskey when it is diluted with room temperature water and I contend that, in some ways, you can appreciate certain flavors better when you cut the alcohol down a bit with water.

Baby steps, baby steps.