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06-04-2006, 22:34
This is my 1st post here, I've come to love good bourbon and in Southern Cali we can get most good and great bourbons at a nice price.

My sister is leaving for a civil war tour and will be passing through Kentucky and Tennesse. In reading on this forum I'm looking for bourbons that cannot be bought on the west coast.

Bourbons I'm looking for are:

Old Pogue
George T Stagg
Buffalo Trace

Where in the state is a good place to buy these at?
My sis enjoys Jack so if it means going to a distillery that's not an issue.
Are there any recomendations of 'must haves'? I was thinking of having her pick up 4 bottles of various spirits ranging about $40 ea.

I can also get the Pappy 20yr out here, but haven't seen the other years.

My daily bourbon is Knob, I've got a bottle of Noah's Mill, Elmer Lee, Knob, Bean Black, 12yr Jameson and other various spirits.


06-05-2006, 03:29
I have been in KY twice in the past year and I've had very good luck with the Liquor Barn. It is a chain and they have locations in Louisville and Lexington.
Also in Bardstown you have to go to Toddy's Liquor.
Google them and you can get address'.


06-05-2006, 05:55
The trick to shopping in KY is that many of the best bottles are inexpensive. Tasty treats best found in KY:

Four Roses Single Barrel - $32
Ancient Ancient Age - $12
Very Old Barton BIB - $12
Old Charter "The Classic 90" 12yo - $15


06-05-2006, 07:53
Bourbons I'm looking for are:

Old Pogue
George T Stagg
Buffalo Trace

FYI Phischy, (what is your real name by the way?) GTS is available in Cali, check any Beverages and More, I also believe I have seen Old Pogue at Hi Time Wine cellar in Costa Mesa among a couple other places.

For BT you do have to go somewhere out of the state, if you are ever in Oregon - yes Oregon of all places - it can be had there.

Welcome to the board!

06-07-2006, 08:32
Thanks for the advice, she picked up:

Old Pogue
Four Roses
PWV 15yr
Buffalo Trace

The Liquor Barn was easy to find and she was in and out super quick. I tip my hat and toast this board.