View Full Version : Bottles on the shelves...

06-06-2006, 13:10
Being a complete newbie to the board, I've noticed that ORVW 10,15 and PVW 13yr rye seem to be in short supply:skep: ? If anyone is in western New York, we have a good number of bottles on the shelves. Also have a bottle of EW 86, two bottles of EW 88, and a Maker's mark red white and blue wax. Can't ship (Nys law:smiley_acbt: ), but I can set them aside if anyone is interested.

06-07-2006, 16:17
Are those Evan Williams Single Barrels? If so I would grab them if I were you. Someone here will be interested in all of them. Send me a pm if you find a EWSB 1987. Just grab it, I don't like to do things open ended but we can work something out.