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06-12-2006, 16:15
i was in jackson hole,wy the other day. appearently they had the folks at jack daniels' make them a barrel of whiskey. they're signed by jimmy bedford and have a little medalion on the bottle that reads: specially selected for the million dollar cowboy bar 69th anneversery.
the place was VERY packed, and loud. so i couldnt really ask any questions about it. but, i bought it anyway.
would this be any different from the regular JDSB? or should i even open it to find out?

06-12-2006, 17:18
Quick answer : it is the same Single Barrel product you can purchase in a liqour store.

Jack Daniel's has a program where they set aside a number of barrels of the JD Single Barrel Tenn Whiskey ..... these are targetted to be sold for personal ownership. If you purchase an entire barrel I believe you can then visit the distillery and participate in the process of selecting the 'specific' barrel you want - I think they select 4 to sample and then whittle that down to 2, then the final choice .... or you can leave that up to the JD folk (Jimmy Bedford ?). The 'medallion' is then personalized to be added to every bottle from that barrel - approx 240 bottles.