View Full Version : Appreciating Bourbon

06-12-2006, 18:49
On the weekend due to a friend's generosity I sampled a group of bourbons that reminded me why it is one of the world's great spirits. Black Maple Hill 14 years old (with a grey wax top and mention of CVI Importers in CA on the rear label) was big in taste with unfolding layers of flavor. The oak was there but did not obtrude. I got a fruity overlay too. It didn't taste like HH-source or Trace or Barton, I thought UDV-era maybe. Next up was Rock Hill Farms: rich and malty-like, with the depth of ETL and complexity of Blanton. Last was the Old Charter 12 year old I mentioned in the current thread on bottle aging. All the edges I'd recalled from two years earlier seemed gone leaving depth and savor only. The first two were the big guns though and proof of what bourbon is at its best. To this duo I'd add Stagg Fall '05 which I'd had a couple of days before for a triple play of top-shelf whiskey if ever there was one. Trace lead the pack on this one, but other double and triples could be assembled from other makers as interesting I think. Still, this group defines high quality bourbon for me.


06-13-2006, 15:01
Nothing I can say. Only thing I can do is drool. :bowdown: