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06-14-2006, 11:31

I've recently become intrigued with good bourbons by hearing others talk about them. Based on that I tried Maker's Mark awhile ago. I enjoyed my first tastes very much. I tried cutting it with a little water and felt that I lost most of the flavor, and liked it much better straight.

A few days later, and everytime I tried it after that, after a sip or two, I would feel some discomfort in my throat. If you press your fingers against your throat below your adams apple, you will know what this felt like. Not painful, but unpleasant. I drink mixed drinks, even strong ones, without experiencing this.

Is this common? Any suggestions?



06-14-2006, 14:36
Not being a physician, I can't say for sure, unless you're just talking about burn, but what you are describing sounds more like a physical condition. Reflux, ulceration, brain tumor:lol: , only joking about the brain tumor.

If you are talking about burn or uncomfortable heat in your throat, then it's not sacrilege to put a cube or two in your pour or a splash of water or so. Many bourbons are above my comfort level (proof) to just take straight. If your going to enjoy your bourbon, then you need to find the way that YOU enjoy it. It doesn't really matter what everybody else is doing.

06-14-2006, 15:52
I agree with Mark -you have to figure out how you enjoy a drink and leave it at that.

That being said, someone once said -if it hurts when you do that, DON'T DO THAT!!

06-14-2006, 19:19
I do not experience what you describe. I generally drink my bourbon on the rocks to cool it off a bit.


06-14-2006, 19:33
I'd try drinking it on the rocks, or with one ice cube...I've found cooling it down with ice is easier on my stomach, and it may do the same for your throat.

06-14-2006, 19:39
Many doctors will also recommend the same to their patients with acid reflux desease. Add ice to cool it down....and to reduce the proof. It also helps rehydrate you. Mine says add some ice and drink water when drinking whiskey. It works for me. I usually add a few cubes.


06-15-2006, 06:25
Thanks for the suggestions! I tried some last night on the rocks with none of that discomfort. It also kept the flavor better than cutting it with water.

06-15-2006, 15:16
I have also found, if I drink say Weller's Antique at 107 proof, or even OGD 114, that the first night, the first one (or two) will be a little hot. But the next night, smooth as silk. So I imagine your throat does get used to it. The other night, a friend pured me a Maker's Mark on the rocks. Soda pop had more burn! But I am sure that's because I had been drinking Antique for many days prior (and yes, like some of you, I considered the MM a step down, but it was a friend, and his intentions good). I will say I do put water in the MONSTERS, Stagg, William LaRue and anything over 114 proof.

06-17-2006, 19:55
For me, the "burn" phenomenon is variable - sometimes, something as easygoing as Weller 12 will burn my throat, while at other times, 141.2 proof Stagg will go down like butter. Go figure.

06-17-2006, 21:40
For me, the "burn" phenomenon is variable - sometimes, something as easygoing as Weller 12 will burn my throat, while at other times, 141.2 proof Stagg will go down like butter. Go figure.

Yeah, I get the same thing. It usually doesn't but the Stagg is going down nice and smooth tonight. Perhaps it depends on what you at during the day?

06-28-2006, 22:02
Both bourbon and scotch gives me terrible acid reflux, which feels to me exactly the same as the symptoms you described. I still drink mine neat but I take a tablet Ranitidine 75 mg tablet (acid reducer; Zantac, Pepcid, etc.) about an hour before I drink. I've tried drinking it on the rocks and cutting it and unless I dilute it to a ridiculous degree it doesn't help, I've only had success with medication.
Legal Disclaimer: I'm not advocated to anyone taking any medication.
Just you may want to look into acid reflux disease and non presciption drugs or consult a physican. :bigeyes: