View Full Version : Van Winkle Special Reserve Lot B

06-14-2006, 13:36
I am posting in a new thread as my original question got "buried" when the thread was hijacked.

I recently tried VWSR Lot B which I purchased in a PA LCB store, it was delivered to the store in August 2005. I have read the threads about SW stock running out (or close to it) in July 2005 - I have two questions about the bottle I purchased :

(1) would this be the Bernheim or the Stizel-Weller product ?

(2) a search did not reveal any comparative 'tasting notes' for both variations of this product, anyone have tasting notes and/or can you share opinions about both even if not side-by-side ?

Oops - ignore this thread : if I had only waited 2 more minutes