View Full Version : Van Winkle 15 In Seattle

06-25-2006, 14:12
It was a surprise to me because I had not seen it here in a long time, so if it's not new forgive me. I stopped by the Liquor Store on 4th, and they had a case of PVW 15 on the shelf. A pleasant surprise for me so I picked up a bottle. They are about $45.00 if any of you Seattle area SB folks are interested.
They also have a couple bottle's of Rock Hill Farms, which seems to be few and far between out here if your looking for that.

06-25-2006, 15:16
It does come and go in Seattle at the 4th Ave store (but mostly missing). In general, there have been shortages of the Van Winkle products across the nation.

Thanks for the tip, I will see if it is still in stock later this week to buy a bottle.