View Full Version : Vintage Rye 21 & Rittenhouse Rye 21

07-16-2006, 17:39
Heaven Hill is coming out with a 21 year old Rittenhouse Rye.
A couple of months ago The Kentucky Bourbon Distillers aka the Kulveens, released Vintage Rye 21.
Do you think this is the same stuff?
We know Heaven Hill sells a lot to The Ken. Bour. Dis.

Just a question, not trying to uncover a cover-up.
I would like to taste them side by side on someone else's expense account.

07-16-2006, 18:44
keep waiting to hear of a release date on this too. I wouldn't mind knowing when it's going to hit the shelves.

07-17-2006, 13:12
You guys might be interested in the Rye barrel we are purchasing. It's a 22 y.o from KBD. It's going to be an unchillfiltered, barrel proof (~130). I tasted it this weekend and it's quite nice. Doug set it up and has a few bottles left.



07-20-2006, 18:19
There is suddenly a fair amount of 21-year-old rye about from various folks and I'd be willing to bet it's all the same, Heaven Hill-made stuff.

On the theory that HH saved the best barrels for its own bottling, the Rittenhouse Rye Very Rare is due out in September.

They tell me this is not a one-off. There is whiskey in the pipeline for them to continue offering a 21-year-old rye as long as people want it, although if it sells very well there might be an availability gap at retail between annual releases.