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08-21-2001, 00:10
Tuesday at 10 AM Willie Nelson will be at Heaven Hill to see where his whiskey is being made and bottled. It is call Whiskey River (6yr 86 in a squat 750 bottle). There is a web page, www.whiskeyriver.com. The last time I checked it was still under construction. Isn't that something a (former) true Jack Daniels man now with his own Kentucky Straight Bourbon! The sad part is that I will not be there to see him! Too many prior commitments!

P. S. With the purchase you will recieve a autographed pic.


09-11-2001, 04:51

I think this is the one you got the press release on. JoBettye, is there a chance that Willie might be onhand for the official brand rollout? I suppose if he's there it'd be only for the gala, but I could picture him hanging out at the auction, too. Any rumors?

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09-11-2001, 14:33
just for clarification 1) yes this is the product I was informed of but 2) HH never faxed the press release as promised so I was not able to post details.


09-11-2001, 23:29
Willie Nelson will not be at the Bourbon Festival. He visiited us that day to pick up the very first case of his whiskey. He was a very friendly man. He signed autographs and talked with everyone. The whiskey is by Heaven Hill but it is being marketed by another company.