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08-17-2006, 15:32
About 6 months ago I decanted a decanter of Old Crow 10yo from the chess piece it was originally packaged in to a crystal decanter (please hold the health concerns of storing whiskey in lead-crystal.) Anyway, when I first opened the original container the bourbon had a corky-mustiness and the generally unpleasant taste of a whiskey stored for a long time in porcelain. I tasted it quite a bit early on after decanting and it seemed much the same as when I first opened it. Well tonight, wanting something different, I went back to the crystal decanted Old Crow for the first time in about 5 months. I must say that the objectionable taste is gone almost completely and the bourbon is very clear and bright on the palate. It tastes like you might expect a 10yo Old Crow from the 60s stored in glass to taste.

So my question is: Does anyone else have experience with decanting a porcelain decanter into crystal or glass and having the bourbon improve over its condition when first opened?

08-17-2006, 18:47
My experience, Jeff, is not necessary with ceramic decanters only (though it includes some) -- but I routinely leave newly-opened, older bottles (say, from the tax-stamped era) uncapped for a night or two if they display any mustiness or 'off' notes. It generally improves the whiskey, though not always totally dissipating the undesired aroma/taste.

08-17-2006, 19:17
I have had a couple 60's era decanters (glass and ceramic) that were a little "skanked" when opened, but cleaned up nicely after some time in a fresh bottle. I think it was dougdog that suggested putting it in a larger bottle with some air space and it would clean up after a few months. Periodically open it up and "blow the stink off the top". It is worth a shot, I have seen some remarkable transformations.

Those Old Crow chess pieces can be magnificent if you get a good one. I'm had some off flavored ones too though.