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04-03-2000, 16:48
This is a Jim Beam product which is no longer available in Atlanta. Does anyone know why?

04-03-2000, 18:04
Yes. They stopped making it.
I think it's a crying shame that they did that. Jacob's Well is the bourbon that made me decide it was worth exploring bourbons. Is it the best bourbon ever made? No; of course not. But it's certainly the equal of Basil Hayden. Jacob's Well was always a step-child, though. It was never included in the Small Batch Brands and got little or no promotion. With that kind of support it's no wonder it didn't do well. What did they expect?

Anyway, I think it's a shame and I've told them so. I'm sorry to see it go.

-John Lipman-

04-03-2000, 18:44
Every once and a while you can find a bottle of Jacobs Well sitting on a liquor store shelf, left over from the production days. Try the out of the way stores. And just to show you that I can be a gentleman, the next time I see a bottle of Jacobs Well, I will leave it right there so a real JW admirer can enjoy the 'find'. (another reason might be that I have forever vowed to myself to never waste money on this brand again). John Lipman and I agree on so many things, I guess it is noteworthy to point out that we do disagree on this bottling. I deplore Jacobs Well, it is right above Bulleit in my book. Both have a petrochemical taste, and both have given me a headache, which few bourbons do. But that is one of the aspects of Bourbon that makes it so interesting, everyone has their own taste, and some of the bourbons I like would make many members of this forum gag (Ten High, Fighting Cock, Evan Williams, etc.)

Back to the subject, have you tried Knob Creek, also a Beam small batch which seems to collect favoriable comments.

Mark A. Mason, El Dorado, Arkansas

04-03-2000, 19:05
I think it is the best i've had since 1936 Grommes and Ullrich. I did get a swallow of Knob Creek but it was too strong straight. Perhaps what you refer to as a petrochemical taste is what i call body. Anyway, thanks for your reply.
i have one bottle left i'm saving for my funeral guests.

04-03-2000, 19:08
thanks for your reply. I also enjoyed the review of the tours at your web site.

04-04-2000, 08:34
The best Jacob's Well substitute is Jim Beam Black. They are virtually the same "by the numbers," although I have never tasted them side by side.

--Chuck Cowdery (http://cowdery.home.netcom.com)

04-04-2000, 15:48
> The best Jacob's Well substitute is Jim Beam Black. They are virtually the
> same "by the numbers," although I have never tasted them side by side.

Picked up a close-out special bottle on a trip recently and was surprised how much I liked it after some of the less than favorable comments I'd read. Tasting it next to the Beam Black, the JW has much more rye (more on the palate than the nose) and feels lighter on the tongue. Roughly the same malt and oak levels, but I find the JW to be a livelier whiskey, closer to Old Grand-Dad. I quite like it, and really enjoyed it over the past few days of relatively hot weather. I would advise any fans of rye picking up a bottle if it's around $15.00.

Ryan Stotz