View Full Version : Conversion Route 2

09-10-2006, 22:10
The direct ETL route went well, tonight was a little different.
The neighbors all got together for some dinner, football watching and good times.
One of my neighbors is a Bourbon drinker, 3 are beer drinkers who might drink sweet cocktails but not Spirit drinkers for the most part.
After a while the neighbor who likes Bourbon, but has never tried Irish Whiskey, asks for a sample of some Irish.
I brought out a bottle of what to me is one of, if not the smoothest Spirit I have ever tasted, Black Bush. He really enjoyed it. One of the other neighbors, who is a beer drinker, asks for a taste and was surprised at how easy it was to drink. From that we went to Red Breast 12, which again they were receptive too.
They were asking me questions about Irish vs. Scotch vs. Bourbon.
I let them know, though I am no expert, Bourbon was my favorite of the three.
I then broke out the ETL, they very much enjoyed it, and it peaked their interest further. This web site is a great educational tool. I was able to tell them a few things about Bourbon, the differences in mash bills and stills...
The next thing I knew I was pouring these guys some 141.2 proof Stagg. I sat back and watched a variety of facial expressions. I was amazed that of the three non-Spirit drinking guys, 2 of them asked for 2nd pours of the Stagg. Strong, slight burn...but the flavor...they loved it.
Next month when we are having a "murder mystery party" and they have asked me provide some bottles to try. I have been meaning too on several occasions work through Chucks suggestion of Mckenna-Evan Williams-EC12 then EC18 but things keep getting in the way. I think this group might enjoy the "exploration" of that grouping and how the age affects the contents.
I will see if I can't convert a couple more to the Bourbon Nation!