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09-20-2006, 10:50
Has anyone tried the new Michter's Bourbon?? It's hit the shelves here but I was wondering if I had to have it. I love the two rye's they put out but I'm not to impressed with the 10 yo SB bourbon and the American whisky they offer.

Well let me know what you think.

09-20-2006, 12:08
Just so people know, the whiskey being sold under the Michter's name was not made at the Michter's distillery nor does it have any connection with the original Michter's. In fact, I believe the name was simply "appropriated" when someone realized that the circumstances of Michter's closing (the owner skipped on taxes and disappeared) meant that no one owned the Michter's trademark. The whiskey is the usual bulk whiskey third party bottling, i.e., nothing "Michter's" and nothing special about it, at least with regard to the name. That said, I have had the 10-year-old rye and it is very good but, in my opinion, overpriced.

09-20-2006, 13:20
There were 4 products a 10 yo SB rye, a 10 yo SB bourbon, the US*1 SB rye which I think is 4 yo, and the American Whisky which wasnt bourbon. To this line-up they added a lower priced bourbon that isn't a SB product. Its 91.7 proof I think and it is called Bourbon. Its in the same bottle as the US*1 rye 4yo and the American Whisky.

I know that JVW III originally did these bottlings then I think the Kulveen's took them over. I was just wondering if anyone had picked up the new bottle and tried it.

09-20-2006, 14:07
The US 1 rye is OK, although probably overpriced at $28, but I have so few ryes available to me . . .


09-20-2006, 16:48
Has anyone tried the new Michter's Bourbon??
Well let me know what you think.

I tried it a while back. It was a decent bourbon but IMO not worth the 50 bucks Pennsylvania was charging for it.
Joe :usflag: