View Full Version : Thomas H. Handy uncut & unfiltered rye whiskey

10-03-2006, 17:13
Has anybody had the opportunity to taste this one yet? At a festival or such? I'm imagining it's like a Rittenhouse BIB on steroids.:lol:

10-24-2006, 19:35
I just popped a bottle of this tonight. It is incredible. Such high proof, yet very smooth. I was worried that being unfiltered it would be harsh or have an ash flavor. It does have some heavy oak, but it is not overbearing. The rye comes through very strong and finishes sweet and complex. The mouth feel is very rich and slightly oily. Being a huge fan of the Saz Jr and Rittenhouse this one takes the cake! I would take this over the Rittenhouse 21 in a minute. 2 bottles for the price of 1!

10-24-2006, 19:39
The experience some of us have had with unfiltered bourbon is a spicy, tingling finish, Is it the same with the Handy?

10-24-2006, 19:44
Absolutely. It opens the sinuses that's for sure. I love that sting at the end of the swallow. The waves keep coming long after the swallow. My entire tongue feels a little coated with the oils and the spicy sweetness lingers.

10-25-2006, 15:12
I am revisiting the Handy again tonight. I hit it with a splash of water this time. The water opens up the all-spice flavor and makes the whiskey a bit easier to drink. The nose is more aromatic and pungent. The tingling finish is still there along with so many complexities it is hard to put a finger on. I taste a bit of burned raisins, fruits and hint of carmelized brown sugar. This must be the best rye I have tasted so far....

10-25-2006, 15:55
I am revisiting the Handy again tonight.


Hey Shaggy,

If you don't mind me askin', what did you pay for the Thom Handy Rye?
And that is in Kentucky, right?


10-25-2006, 16:22
In Lexington, KY it is running between $53 and $56 per bottle. I saw 3 bottles of the Rittenhouse 21 for $137 yesterday. It is very good rye whiskey but I just can't pay that much for it.

11-02-2006, 17:24
Well I decided to pop the top:drinking: on the:

Thomas H. Handy Sazerac
Straight Rye Whiskey
Uncut/Unfiltered 132.7 proof
2006 Antique collection

Nose: Cherries and an almost minty, maybe spearmint. Just a hint of dime store isopropol alcohol.

The pour has a presence the moment it enters your mouth. Upfront and forward, Cherries again mixed with orange citrus. The traditional rye tingle. Right down middle of it there is a taste I can't quite put a label on, I've never understood the term leather, but this may be it. Nice finish and a flare of warmth that kicks up at the far end, not over whelming, but just enough to say my name is Handy here's a little send off. Shagg may be on to something with the burnt raisin too.

I'm a rye nut. I will say I have never tasted a Rye like this before. I thought going in to this that I was going to be able to say was, "it's kind of like Rittenhouse or WTR or Hirsch or..." That's not going to happen. Like the Rittenhouse BIB, this is a really unique rye. Not my all time favorite, but one I will revisit frequently. I really, really like what they have done here. If I was Thomas Handy and a rye were to made as a tribute to me, I believe this is the one I would want. Unique.

I'm sure others here can get a lot more in depth with the flavors. I'd like to hear other people's impressions.