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11-05-2006, 21:13
I have been drinking bourbon for about 40 years. Got turned on to it in the 60's when I was going through flight school in Pensacola.
I keep several of bottles open and don't think the super premiums are $30 dollars a bottle better than WT101. What I do miss is that ol' SW Rebel Yell. Even when I was 23 years old I knew that was some very good shit. So did Keith Richards, my hero.
Anyway, to get to my point. Regardless of price, my favorite is WT101 which I can buy for 14 bucks (750ml) every 3 weeks on sale at Rite Aid. I would gladly pay at least $20 for it, and will probably have to when I move to Colorado next year.
But here is my thing, and I feel like a bastard at a family picnic. When it comes to a 90 proof pour, I like George Dickel. I drink my whiskey over the rocks. I like Manhattans but I use MM for that, still over the rocks. Cocktail hour doesn't last long enough drinking "up". What do you all think of George Dickel #12? Thanks, Ricardo

11-05-2006, 21:17
Personally, I'm not a huge fan, though I do tend to like Dickel products over Jack Daniels. But if you enjoy it, there is no shame in drinking it.

Also an administrator may move this thread to the "Other American Whiskey Forum" As I don't believe Dickel is bourbon, but that is not my decision. :cool:

Ricardo, if you like it, drink it. Don't worry about what other's are thinking. It's your choice of what you drink. Nothing wrong with what you choose.

11-05-2006, 21:21
Look around the Other American Whiskey thread, and you'll find much positive comment about the Dickel #12. I think the consensus is that it is our favorite Tennessee whisk(e)y.
That said, please keep in mind this is a bourbon forum, and Dickel (and JD) isn't bourbon, so neither will be the main course at our 'family picnics'.

11-05-2006, 21:21
I think Flinstones. Seriously, take another smell of it and tell me that you cannot pick up Flinstones Vitamins.

Just so you know, GD is not a bourbon but a Tennessee whiskey. Either way, I think that GD is purty darn good. I have to be in the mood for it (that is not very often), but I have a bottle open.

11-06-2006, 19:12
Thank you all for your input. I, of course know that George Dickel is not Bourbon. But, If it was made 200 miles north, would it be Bourbon? It is not sour mash like the "other" Tennessee whiskey. To my palate it is a jump above just about everything, in the common man's market, except WT101. I would like to read a thread about sour mash. I tend to stay away from it. But what do you all think?

Exdimmerjock............"I don't sweat ground fire, I fly underneath it.":cool:

11-06-2006, 19:49
No. There are bourbons which are made elsewhere than KY, however Dickel and JD still don't classify. The main difference is the "mellowing" process, or the "Lincoln County Process". They run the whiskey through maple charcoal vats to either: remove impurities or to add flavor, deppending how you look at it.

11-06-2006, 19:57
Actually Dickel could be made right where it is and be called a bourbon, as bourbon can be made anywhere in the USA. They would just have to change the process by which it is made (look up Lincoln County Process, for more info)

Secondly, every bourbon, rye, wheat and Tennessee whiskey I know of is a sour mash whiskey. It's part of the defining style that makes American whiskies what they are. It's not a requirement to be an American whiskey and others may well use setback in their mashbill as well.

Lastly, I'm glad that you have found a whisky that you like, but to only be here as a prophet for that whiskey is really missing the point of these forums. If you use the search function you will likely find plenty of info to get your Dickel fix. However if you limit yourself to just that, that's your own fault, there are many other fine whiskies to be discovered-many at or below the "common mans" pricing that you place Dickel the king of.

It's your decision, try what you want, there's tons of info here to help guide you in dicovering new whiskies to try...enjoy the journey.

11-06-2006, 20:15
...It is not sour mash like the "other" Tennessee whiskey...I would like to read a thread about sour mash. I tend to stay away from it.

As Timothy has noted above, ALL American whiskey IS sour mash, which means that a portion of the spent mash is reused in the next batch. Both Dickel and Jack Daniel's use the method just like everyone else.

Sycamore Tree
04-26-2007, 20:09
Dickel is goooood. Real gooood. It just won another award I was reading. Having an advanced degree in Marketing, I believe that Dickels image is "too Hillbilly" to be very successful compared to Jack. The long neck bottle and hillbilly heritage keeps it from being mainstream. But it is a superior whiskey in my opinion. And I would hate to see it deviate from it.
It kills me to see not a restaurant I know carry it.

04-26-2007, 20:26
The "hillbilly" image of Dickel, even vis a vis Jack, does exist but it is not universal.

04-26-2007, 20:51
I don't think it's a "hillbilly" image problem so much as the giant marketing machine behind JD. The masses buy into the marketing, while those who really know look for George instead.

I haven't bought any JD since... well, when I was underage. :rolleyes: Although, based on the taste of Silver Select that I had (thanks Chuck!), I'd at least consider getting some JD Single Barrel.

As for long-necked bottles, I like them - and that beautiful Saz Jr. bottle has an even longer neck than GD #12.

04-30-2007, 18:25
The marketing machine behind Dickel, Diageo, is many times larger than the one behind JD, but it hasn't been brought to bear.

05-01-2007, 09:47
JD has an image as the bad boy of liquors that appeals to many(insert familiar Robin Williams quote). It also has a readily identifiable taste, even for those who don't know what they are tasting. And then there's Coke. For some reason these two liquids blend together like no other(I don't think I'm alone in this opinion). It makes an incredibly simple cocktail, and it's also very easy to say, no matter how drunk you are. If it weren't for Coca-Cola, I don't think Jack Daniel's would have near the sales it does. What I am getting at here is that JD is for those who like to drink, GD is for those who like to drink Tennesee Whiskey.

05-01-2007, 17:08
I like George Dickel #12. I don't like Jack Daniels. Nuff said!
Joe :usflag:

Old Lamplighter
05-01-2007, 22:27
The only Dickel I have ever had was the BHC issue. It was too weak and sweet for my taste. One of these days I would like to give Dickel 12 a try. I have heard good things about it on here. I 'grew up' on JD but would not touch it now with a 10 ft pole. IMHO, JD is way too young, unrefined, and lacks much in way of taste (in more ways than one). However, it is quite amazing the market and marketing amassed by & for JD. It continues to exercise a very strong 'macho' appeal to guys (and gals) down here in my vicinity.

When the discussion of whiskey and/or bourbon comes up at my workplace, every guy under 30 has nearly the same comment: "when it comes to bourbon, it's Jack for me", or, "Jack is the only bourbon I like", or, "Jack is my favorite bourbon". For a while it got on my nerves and I tried my best to 'educate' the poor, young fools. However, after a while I just gave up. They will have to learn the same way I did.......age, wisdom and a desire for something much, much better.

05-02-2007, 14:34
... and it's also very easy to say, no matter how drunk you are.....

That made me chuckle...for in comedy there is truth....

Old Bill
06-03-2007, 06:17
George D is one of my favorite all time pours. Like rye, always have to have a bottle on hand.